Os Gemeos Limited Edition coffee table book creation

The coffee table book created by Médiane is the fruit of a conceptual project that reflected the similar ways in which the Maison Hennessy and the two street artists’ approach their craft. “You find one window, open it, come upon another and open that one too. We see life as a process of continually opening new windows.” These are the words of Os Gemeos, two Brazilian brothers and artists that Hennessy selected to create the 2014 limited edition of VS Cognac, following the highly successful edition designed by Futura 2000. The creative process had to make an impact and be original, while taking inspiration from the premium codes that embody Hennessy VS. This resulted in working with different materials to stay true to the subject at hand while putting a subtle focus on images that recall a world imbued in the warm colors that characterize both Os Gemeos’ and Hennessy’s history, their expertise and their collaboration.