Repositioning of the brand

Since Deutz Champagne was acquired by Louis Rogederer in 1998, the entire design and conception of their brand has been attributed to Médiane. Médiane’s first initiative was to exploit the image of the “angelot” (a small statue of an angel) which forms the centerpiece upon arrival in the courtyard of La Maison Deutz, thereby making it the unmistakable icon of the brand which is unique to Deutz. It also symbolises the history and tradition of the brand as well as evoking the sense of pride and passion of the men and women responsible for producing these exceptional cuvées. Médiane has since redesigned the entire range: The classic cuvées, William Deutz and l’Amour de Deutz. In 2013, Deutz reaffirmed their confidence in Mediane by choosing us to design its L’Amour de Deutz rosé.